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Behavioral fishing biology in theory and practice

Grade: High School
Price: 1400 DKK not including entry for The North Sea Oceanarium
Max. 28 students per team
Duration: 135 minutes

The intent of the course is to give the student a basic understanding of the terms of behavioral biology. Through a combination of theoretical teaching and practical work, the students are introduced to themes such as: social versus solitary behavior, urges, instincts, motivation, congenital behavior, learning, energy economy and evolution.

In the practical part of the course, the students will be working with observation of the seals and crabs and the course will end up with a study of shoal behavior in the Oceanarium. The students will obtain knowledge about, why the animals react like they do, and what lies behind the different behavioral patterns of different species.

Teacher: Bettina Hvidemose, animal behavioral therapist.