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Examination of the by-catch in lobster fishing

Grade: High School
Price: 1600 DKK not including entry to The North Sea Oceanarium
Max: 28 students per team
Duration: 180 minutes

In this course the students examine the by-catch collected from trawling for Norway lobster in Skagerrak and Kattegat, as part of monitoring the effect of fishing in regards to the fauna at the bottom of the North Sea, before and after the introduction to more selective trawling.

The intent of the course is:

  • That the students are involved in creating and participating in a nature monitoring project – and thereby getting an insight into how nature monitoring can be done.
  • That the students experience a fauna which is very rich on species, which are not easily obtainable, and which is only observable in the aquariums at The North Sea Oceanarium in very limited extent.  
  • That the students get an understanding of the scientific method, by creating a wonder and facilitating authentic questions from the students, which can potentially lead to a problem definition the students can continue working on during class-, group- or solo projects.

Teacher: Elisabeth Friis-Rødel, biologist.