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Seal researcher for a day

Grade: 4th – 7th grade
Price: 800 DKK not including entry for The North Sea Oceanarium
Max. Student number by appointment
Duration: 2 - 2½ hours (depending on the number of students)

How does a seal researcher work?

This question is the basis of the course on seals. By studying the seals themselves, the students will get a view on how to work scientifically with examining animals.

Following a joined introduction, the students will examine the seal’s adaption to life in the sea. They will do observations by the sealarium and the exhibition in the tunnel. E.g. they will time how long the seals dive for.

In collaboration to The School Service, the class will examine the seal’s senses in groups. The course is finished with a joined walk-through of the assignments. Some of the assignments can be solved back at the school.