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The nature of fishery

Grade: 8th – 10th grade
Price: 800 DKK not including entry for The North Sea Oceanarium
Max. 28 students per team
Duration: 90 minutes

What is the significance of the microscopic phytoplankton?

The intent of this course is to show how phytoplankton is the basis of life in the ocean and how the ocean chain of food is build. The course is initiated by a walkthrough in which a marine food chain is established. The course is a practical one, in which we look at the different parts of the food chain: phytoplankton and zooplankton, herring and cod. The plankton is examined in a microscope and you will examine the food uptake of herring and cod. The course is rounded with a review of the people’s placement in the food chain. The Power Point presentation used in the course will be handed out, to use at the school.

The course is available in a shorter version without the laboratory-work, for larger groups.