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Theoretical fishing biology

Grade: High School
Price: 600 DKK not including entry for The North Sea Oceanarium
Duration: 240 minutes

Estimating population

This is an exercise in which methods to estimate population is used on real data from a Danish fish population. The students have to calculate and make graphs of the population’s current state and through the years, and the expected amount of fish in the coming year. In addition, the effect of future fishing strategies is discussed. This will lead to the use of PC-programs, which can predict the population’s state and the size of the catch, based on different fishing strategies picked by the students. Furthermore it leads to the societal aspects of the different strategies. The mathematical difficulty can be adjusted to the student’s abilities.

The exercise can be done at The North Sea Oceanarium, possibly with help from The School Service, or at your own school. The exercise is based on “Practical fishing biology”