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An educational course associated to The Whale Researcher’s Hut and The Fin whale skeleton

The course is offered in those time periods, where the fin whale skeleton is exhibited at The North Sea Oceanarium.

  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Max: 28 studens per team
  • Price: 900 DKK not including entry to The North Sea Oceanarium
  • Entry: 55 DKK per student – Teachers: free
  • Bring: Pencils

Intent and content: 

With the basis of chosen targets for nature/technology the students work dialog-based on observation assignments about the whales of the North Sea, by the fin whale skeleton, The Whale Researcher’s hut and in the Oceanarium – this way, the students are introduced to:

  • Different work methods and ways of thinking, which the researcher uses.
  • Basic elements and aspects of whale biology, including the whale’s adaption to the life in the sea
  • The whale’s placement in the food chain of the North Sea.

Chosen goals appears in the teacher’s guide