The School Service /

The School Service offers educational courses for students of all ages. 

We offer the most courses to students from 1st – 10th grade, but as shown, we have offers for kindergarten and high school as well, like many of our courses are easily adaptable for students in other types of institutions (care facilities, language schools, special schools for the handicapped etc.)

We can also offer events for larger groups or schools. We are happy to arrange a program for the entire day of your visit. We adapt our existing program for you, to match your wishes and needs.


Kindergarten - 3rd grade


Creepy creatures on the bottom of the ocean
Meet the sealkeeper
Tour of Hirtshals Pier
Get close to the herring
Whale researcher for a day (3rd – 4th grade)

4th – 7th grade


A marine food chain
Tour of Hirtshals Pier
Seal researcher for a day
Up close with the hunters of the North Sea
Whale researcher for a day (3rd – 4th grade)
Whale researcher for a day (5th – 6th grade)

4th – 10th Grade


Visit by the fish auction in Hirtshals

8th – 10th grade


The nature of fishery
Tour of Hirtshals Pier

High School

Practical fishing biology
Structures in danish fishing
Theoretical fishing biology
Behavioral fishing biology
The fish went on to land – or?
By-catch in lobster fishing

Other institutions for children and youngsters


Creepy creature on the bottom of the ocean
Meet the sealkeeper
On the hunt for creepy creatures
Tour of Hirtshals Pier