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Join an exciting school camp in the name of the fish

The North Sea School Service offers short school camps with a single night stay at the Oceanarium.
"2 days of fish” is the professional version, in which we get close to fish and fishing through the students examinations of fish in the wet laboratory and a visit at the fish auction and the pier the following morning. “Sleep with the sunfish” is more focused on the social aspect through activities by the aquariums and exhibitions. “Sleep with the seals” is primarily based in the area by the sealarium, where the sleep-over takes place – either in pavilions or brought tents.

Our school camps can easily be combined with some of the other accommodation offers in the area, like the program in our offer, can be expanded by our other educational and activity offers. 

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Sleep with the sunfish

Now you and your co-workers or friends can experience the wildlife of the North Sea and the Oceanarium in a new and exciting way.
Coziness, community and fun experiences are combined with the knowledge of the wildlife of the North Sea, when you experience the aquariums in the darkness of the exhibitions and join in on the feeding of the animals. When the day is over, it is time to go to rest besides the giant Oceanarium.

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Sleep with the seals

Would you like a mini camp, in which your group has access to the North Sea Oceanarium and to beach and forest right around the corner?
We give you the opportunity of setting up camp in our seal yard, in which you can spend the night in our tent area – or in the wild, if you wish.
It is possible to buy further activities.

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2 days of fish

The North Sea Oceanarium and Motel Nordsøen offers a 2 day school camp with focus on the fish and fishing in the North Sea. Motel Nordsøen is the neighbor to The North Sea Oceanarium, and the students are free to visit the North Sea Oceanarium within opening hours, in the two days of the camp. If you wish to spend more days in Hirtshals, we are more than happy to help you find other activities.

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