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School camp for 4th-5th grade

The North Sea Oceanarium offers a 2 day camp with focus on the fish of the North Sea and fishing. If you wish to spend more days in Hirtshals and the surrounding area, we will help you with ideas for further activities. The stay can be prolonged by spending the night at Motel Nordsøen, which is located next to the North Sea Oceanarium.

Through the work in the wet laboratory, studies by the aquariums and exhibitions and last but not least the visit at the fish auction and the pier, the students will experience the fish’s road from the sea to the table. 



Day 1


Arrival and introduction
By arrival the guide will bid you welcome and you get your luggage set aside, before we begin the program of the day.

A marine food chain
Following a short introduction by The Relief Map, we will study the marine food chain in the form of plankton, herring and cod in the laboratory. After that, there will be time to see the exhibitions on your own. 


Dinner in the Café 

We offer two menus (with salad on the side):

  • Fish cakes with scalloped potatoes
  • Meat lasagna

Menus are ordered in advance – at least 3 days prior to the visit


Preparation of feed
The participants will work in groups, preparing the feed, in the new aquarium kitchen. Each group gets assigned to a feeding place.
When it’s feeding time, the participants will follow the guide around to the aquariums,

Joined fun by the Oceanarium
It is possible to enjoy coffee and cake, brought from home – the adults will have access to coffee/tea/cocoa. After this, the participants will say goodnight to the seals and we will make a sunset in the Oceanarium. 


Day 2


Awakening, breakfast and packing


Departure for Hirtshals Fish auction
Following the visit at the auction, we will walk along the pier back to the Oceanarium. Remember to bring warm clothes and sensible shoes. It is wet and the temperature is max. 5°C (41°F) in the auction hall.

08.00 Sunrise by the Oceanarium
We take a group photo and say good bye to each other.

Practical information:
Alternative arrival or departure time can be agreed on in advance. It is also possible to do other activities than the ones above. This has to be agreed on in advance as well. 


Toilet bag, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (IMPORTANT – the floor is cold and hard), flashlight (NOT laser light!)


6300 DKK per group – max. 28 children + 4 adults - 5800 DKK for schools and institutions in the municipality of Hjørring. Extra people: 200 DKK per person. If you are extraordinarily many participants, we offer a double-event.

Folding mattress and sheet can be rented for 30 DKK per person – order in advance, please.