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Exciting minicamp – Sleep with the seals!

Would you like a minicamp, in which your group has access to both The North Sea Oceanarium and the beach and forest, just around the corner?
We give you the opportunity to set up camp in our seal yard, where you can spend the night in our tent area or in our pavilions, if you please.
It is possible to buy further activities – for example you can combine the sleep over with a course about whales in our Whale Researcher’s Hut.


Day 1
You arrive some time during the afternoon (by appointment) and will be received in the seal yard. We will make some activities for you around the seals – children will get to feed the seals with herring. After that, you have the night to yourself.

Day 2
After breakfast we will do a Starfish race, making the children solve different biological assignments by aquariums and exhibitions – they will receive a personal starfish-diploma. We end the day with ”Sunrise in the Oceanarium”. We say goodbye to each other and then you are welcome to stay as long as you like (until closing time).

Practical information:

We provide:

  • 2 movable grills
  • Key to the external gates
  • Access to toilet building, storage room and refrigerator.
  • Seal activity and Starfish race
  • Staff on call outside of the usual opening times


  • Have full responsibility for the children and their well being
  • Make sure that the seals and the planting is treated with respect
  • Have to be careful with open fire
  • Must bring food and gear for cooking and sleep-over
  • Have to clean up and put the stuff in the storage room before we open at 10.
  • Season:  May-June  +  end of August-September
  • Prices: 250 DKK per child – entry for The North Sea Oceanarium is included – Adult leaders are free.