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Experience the largest aquarium in northern Europe in a completely new way – sleep with the sunfish!

With the concept ”Sleep with the sunfish” your group will experience the wildlife of the North Sea and the Oceanarium in a completely new, different and exciting way. Besides having fun, you will learn a lot about the wildlife of the North Sea, go on an expedition in the aquariums and exhibitions – and even join in on the feeding of the animals.

When the day is over, it is time to go to rest next to the Oceanarium and its’ 4,5 million liters of saltwater and hundreds of fish. On the second day, the program starts with breakfast and “sunrise” in the Oceanarium, before we end by saying goodbye to each other. 



Arrival and Welcome
By arrival the guide will bid you welcome and you get your luggage set aside, before we begin the program of the day.

  Introduction to the aquariums and exhibitions by the Relief Map
Following a short introduction to the Oceanarium the students will go on a starfish race in small gropus, where they will solve simple tasks by the seven destinations. Then it is time to discover the exhibition on your own before we gather for dinner. 


Dinner in the Café 

We offer two menus (with salad on the side):

  • Fish cakes with scalloped potatoes
  • Meat lasagna

Menus are ordered in advance – at least 3 days prior to the visit


Preparation of feed
The participants will work in groups, preparing the feed, in the new aquarium kitchen. Each group gets assigned to a feeding place.
When it’s feeding time, the participants will follow the guide around to the aquariums, where each group will do the feeding, while the rest watch.
While the groups alternately ready the feed, the rest will unpack in the Seabed Room


Intro to the Sunfish by the Oceanarium


Preparation for the night and fun
At this point, it is time to experience the Oceanarium and say goodnight to the seals. 


Awakening, breakfast and packing


Sunrise in the Oceanarium
We say goodbye to the fish and each other – thanks for now.

Practical information:
Alternative arrival or departure time can be agreed on in advance. It is also possible to do other activities than the ones above. This has to be agreed on in advance as well. 


Toilet bag, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (IMPORTANT – the floor is cold and hard), flashlight (NOT laser light!)


7800 DKK per group – max. 28 children + 4 adults - 7300 DKK for schools and institutions in the municipality of Hjørring. Extra people: 200 DKK per person. If you are extraordinarily many participants, we offer a double-event.

Folding mattress can be rented for 30 DKK per person – order in advance, please.