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Practical information

Contact the School Service at:

Tel. +45 9625 8719
Mobile +45 2051 5992

Remember to let us know that you are coming to visit!

It is mandatory to register your visit with The North Sea Oceanarium. This is done to improve service and information in relation to the visit. In return we aim to give all school classes a short instruction to the North Sea Oceanarium upon arrival.

Please place your order in advance, if you want to join the courses available at The School Service. You can call us between 8-9 on school days, or leave a message on our voicemail. You can either record your wishes and orders or send them to us. Remember to leave your name, phone number and/or address. Your order is only valid, after you have spoken to us and received written confirmation.

The duration of a lesson is 45 minutes, both in relation to courses and rental of a room.
Payment can happen directly in the Information or by getting an invoice sent. It is not possible to pay upfront. Most courses are taught to max. 28 students at a time. If you are more than this, you will have to split up into teams.


If you want to receive an invoice for the courses or educational material, you have to state the institutions EAN-number when ordering.